Leica Flexline TS 07

Leica Flexline TS 07

Presenting Wide Range of Leica Flexline TS 07

The Leica Flexline Total Station 07 is a high-precision surveying instrument designed for professionals who demand the best. With its advanced technology and sophisticated features, it delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in a compact, easy-to-use package. Whether you're surveying construction sites, mapping out land boundaries, or conducting topographical surveys, the Leica Flexline Total Station 07 is the ideal tool for the job.

The Leica Flexline Total Station 07 comes equipped with a range of advanced features that make it a powerful and versatile surveying tool. Its high-precision EDM can measure distances of up to 5000m with an accuracy of ±(1mm+1.5ppm), while its angular accuracy of 0.5" ensures precise measurements every time. It also features a large, high-resolution touch screen display, intuitive software, and Bluetooth and USB connectivity for seamless data transfer. With a long battery life and robust construction, the Leica Flexline Total Station 07 is built to perform even in the toughest conditions.

Unique Specifications

In Leica Flexline TS07


The Maginfication is About 30x For Both

Angular Accuracy




Minimum focus:

1.3 m (the minimum distance at which the instrument can accurately measure)


Display for both the flexline is Color & touch Screen.


The Battery Life For Both the Flexline is Upto 20 Hours.

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